The Mountain

Alone, a woman climbs a gigantic mountain.
When she starts, she is confident the Summit will be reached in a week or two.
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The Fairy Tales of My Mind

Tom and John and Annette and Naanette, whose communal love story
has fired people's imagination all over the world, disappear.
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I am Going to Die, He Said

Can life drawing to its end be meaningful, even creative? I am Going to Die, He said is a story of life magnified by love, and although the title suggests a life drawing to its end, the story articulates an unquenchable thirst for life. The struggles and requited longing are expressed in words devoid of sentimentality, pulsating with emotion’s own rhythms. read more

From A to Z

A linguistic fairytale: Punctuation Marks decide to leave the language.
They jump out of the books, out of the libraries and set out on their long journey to their beloved homeland, Punctu-Land. read more

Woman, First Person Singular

A woman is looking for the meaning of life in the minute details
and commitments of everyday life, searching for the wonder in the routine, the extraordinary within the ordinary. read more

The Way of Woman

The process of baking the bread is related to street events, staircases, neighbors , and even crows in the yard.
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In the Image of Woman

In the Image of Woman tells the story of a woman
who crisscrosses the land in search of her mother's hidden orchard.
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The Land of Flowering Bones

Flowering Bones is an ongoing, multi-dimensional dialogue between two women.
They may be childhood friends, perhaps they are sisters or even lovers;
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The Writer Within

The Writer Whithin will benefit people who wish to write but cannot; people who feel the need to release their trapped creativity;
creative people who suffer creative blocks; read more

From Moscow to Jerusalem

"As long as I live, as long as I am capable of feeling ,
I will do all I can to get to Israel.."

These bold words were written in 1968 by Boris Kochubievsky ... read more

Children’s Books

Charlie Tar

Daphne’s mother was killed in a car accident five years ago when Daphne was only six years old.
Since then, she has lived with her father and the black cat, Charlie Tar. read more

Hello, God

A young dreamy girl, whose father went to war years ago
is full of longing for him.
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Writing is an activity
of the soul
a journey inward
an ongoing dialogue
with ourselves

Writing begins
when speech grows
into silence
and a person
all alone
speaks to himself

Writing is an activity
of the soul
a journey inward
an ongoing dialogue
with ourselves