The Writer Whithin

Bitan Publishers,2000

The Writer Whithin will benefit people who wish to write but cannot;
people who feel the need to release their trapped creativity;
creative people who suffer creative blocks;
people interested in delving deeper into their imagination;
teachers and parents who wish to help children develop imagination
and spontaneity and love of words;
students who battle with assigned papers;
and anyone interested in keeping the mind young and active;

This book offers a practical and enjoyable way
to release the flow of words, to develop imagination,
inspiration, intuition and love of language
and then to shape the result into coherent and effective writing.
The instruction and exercises are meant to make
the creative process accessible to all.

The Writer Whithin takes the writer through the stages
of the writing process.
It breaks down the creative journey into manageable steps,
and draws on skills and abilities people already have.

The many exercises and instruction encourage spontaneity,
experimentation and playfulness and will help anyone
interested in developing his creative self.

While most writing books direct the teaching of writing
to the intellectual, the rational, the regimented and the orderly,
The Writer Whithin aims at reaching the imaginative,
the spontaneous, the intuitive, the creative, and only then,
at transforming the material through the logical,
the analytical, and the reasonable.
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