From A to Z

Thomas Rap Publishers, Amsterdam, 1961  |  Zurcher Verlg, Bern, 1962  |  Prosa, Tel Aviv, 1984

A linguistic fairytale: Punctuation Marks decide to leave the language.
They jump out of the books, out of the libraries and set out on their long journey
to their beloved homeland, Punctu-Land.
Once Punctuation Marks leave, the language begins to disintegrate.
Sentences cease to exist and words seize control:

"In the beginning was the Word
That was dream god heaven and earth.

And the Words were divided in their circles
Each one after its family after its kind
And time went by

Prefix and Suffix, Apostrophe S and Plural S decide not to stay behind
and leave the language as well. At that point the letters revolt:

In the beginning of all beginning was the Letter
And the Letters were words that were
Dream god heaven and earth

Only when letters joined and paired in their families
Things are made and the world named and
Existence came into being and the Elements
When they make love are things born
Only then when all the Letters love and mate."