I am Going to Die, He Said


Can life drawing to its end be meaningful, even creative? I am Going to Die, He said  is a story of life magnified by love, and although the title suggests a life drawing to its end, the story articulates an unquenchable thirst for life. The struggles and requited longing are expressed in words devoid of sentimentality, pulsating with emotion’s own rhythms.

In spite of the story’s intimate character, this too, like all the works by Rebecca Rass, transcends the private to achieve the universal. Rich with cultural echoes, this love story embraces ancient myths of death and rebirth.

I am Going to Die, He said is the winner  of  ACUM prize 2009 for a manuscript submitted anonymously:

“It constitutes of prose poems bidding farewell to a lover and soul-mate who is no longer alive. In a way, it is a journey to the past, to the different stops along the way, and finally to the awareness that time is running out. But this is also a journey to the future, to time after death, to time of acceptance and of discovering the missing lover in the renewed beauty of the world.”

Hebrew version cover