From Moscow to Jerusalem

"As long as I live, as long as I am capable of feeling ,
I will do all I can to get to Israel.."

These bold words were written in 1968 by Boris Kochubievsky,
a radio engineer in Kiev.
They express the dream of men and women, in spite of harassment and imprisonment,
demanded the right to live as free Jews.

What motivated these activities? Although born and raised
under communist regime, their passion found its true roots
within a newly-found Jewish identity. They would not accept token
symbols of ethnicity; they insisted on repatriation to Israel.
Their example inspired more than 100,000 Soviet Jews
to make the journey home, galvanized support in the free world-
and forced the Israeli government itself to take more vigorous action
on their behalf.
Their courage forever changed the course of Jewish history.

From Moscow to Jerusalem tells the story of this 20th century exodus.