The Way of Woman

Bitan Publishers, 1996

A score for one instrument, winner of the ACUM Prize for literature (1995).

The process of baking the bread is related to street events, staircases, neighbors, and even crows in the yard.
A woman, all alone, writes of her yearnings and her feeling of being trapped. Even the relative ease with which she exchanges home, country and language does not make life any easier. What looms ahead is a poetic voice that reaches closer to the magical, allowing the words and the heart to experience a new revival. Single lines are replaced by dense accords, and together they create a dimension of musical unity.

"all the words I’ve been writing for years
    seem to flow
      into a solitary
        silent song
and even I, who sing out of tune,
  sing it the way I can
    or cry aloud
        like a white crow
 considering all the words I possess, I’m quite mute
the dough keeps rising. I slice the olives and mix them with the dough."