In the Image of Woman

Bitan Publishers,1998

In the Image of Woman tells the story of a woman
who crisscrosses the land in search of her mother's hidden orchard.

In the process she examines memory, innocence and awakening.
Driving alone, she explores different landscapes
and experiences the inherent relationship between
the female principle and the land.
This new knowledge enables her to unconceal archival myths
and thus to recreate the land in the image of woman.
The story is expressed in short lines; although it behaves like poetry
it is prose compressed to its very essence.

In the Image of Woman joins Woman, First Person and The Way of Woman
to form a trilogy in which a woman sets out on three journeys
to recreate her life and discover the poetic in the routine,
the magical in the commonplace.
These journeys take her through the outer and inner regions
of life to experience the poetic or the female principle
that lurks within the human soul - male and female.

Winner of the Acum Prize for literature.