Rebecca Rivka Rass is the author of two novels,
five books of poetic prose, two childrens books,
and two guides for creative writing.
Her books have been published in the USA, Israel,
The Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

Her articles, reviews and interviews on cultural and artistic topics
were published in:
TERMINAL, a review of contemporary art (Israel);
American Book Review (USA);
Yedioth Ahronoth (Israel); Yedioth America (USA);
Four-By-Five (Israel); Los Angeles Times (USA);
Vrij Nederlands & Handelsbladt; Zero Magazine, (The Netherlands);
Aftenposten, (Norway).

Rebecca Rass is a professor of English at Pace University in New York.
She leads Creative Writing Workshops in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv.

She won the Prime Minister Prize for Fiction (Israel, 2001),
ACUM Prize (Israel, 1995 & 2009), and CAPS prize for fiction (1981, New York).

Her novel The Mountain (1982) was turned into a play by Rina Yerushalmi
and performed at New York University (1985).

VOICES, for a reader and a clarinet, uses excerpts from her book
The Image of Woman with music by Ben-Zion Orgad was performed
in Tel Aviv in 2004 and 2006.
Her poetic book From A to Z (1969) was turned into an Opera
by the Italian composer Bruno Maderna and performed at the Darmstadt Opera House,
and as a TV production by NOS Amsterdam.
She had several one-person shows of her Book-Sculptures in galleries in New York,
Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.

She has one daughter, Enid, to whom The Mountain is dedicated.