Rebecca Rass creative writing workshops offer tools
to reach inward and discover the stories within.
Since writing is an activity of the soul, a journey inward,
means plunging into our memories and into our imagination;
to look for meanings in our experiences of triumph and failure,
to discern the narrative and the poetic in every day life,
and thus to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

From “The Writer Within”:

In order to write we need freedom,
freedom from the demons of Fear of Writing;
freedom from Fear of failure;
from criticism and especially from self-criticism.
So we begin by writing everything that comes to our mind
without any order, theme, or even logic.
We accept words as they come, at random.
We surrender to our intuition, allowing the voice inside
to tell its story, its way.

Some Topics dealt in “The Writer Within” and in the workshops:

    I. The Writer in All of Us :
  • Every person can write
  • Writing without fear and inhibitions
  • Writing without waiting for the muse - writing IS an invitation for the muse
  • Random Writing: Releasing the flow of words
    II. The Creative Process :
  • Developing Creativity, Imagination and Intuition
  • Stories are all around us
  • Creative exercises to enhance Creativity
    III. Starting the Story: Beginning without a beginning
    IV. The Process: From the First Draft to the Completed Manuscript
    V. Flirting with Style to Expand Creative Options

Every person who feels
the need to write
can write

Writing is an activity
of the soul
a journey inward
an ongoing dialogue
with ourselves